The Pen and Ink Drawings:

Honestly, these started as exercises for hand eye coordination. I call them "the doodle of the day" drawings. I sit down each evening and doodle and I try very hard not to miss a day. My doodles are usually inspired by the day I had and sometimes reflect my mood. I begin by making shapes. I allow the line to guide me, often with no preconceived ideas. At some point, usually half way through, I rotate the drawing to see if it reveals anything. Sometimes I get nothing, I see nothing. Most of the time I do see a shape that reminds me of something and I can play upon the image and enhance the final result. These images became so popular that I began to receive request to buy them. So by popular demand I will post each month some of my "Doodles of the Day." Each drawing is unique and original.

The Paintings:

Currently, I am working on four series:

The first is based on performance, specifically musical atmospheres. I'm depicting dancers, singers, musicians, and basically the club vibe. I have been around musicians all my life and I hope to show you both the magic and the underside of club life.

The second set of paintings is the backstage wings I spent many years back stage gazing out from the wings and to this day I find it a magical space. I miss and cherish the darkness of the wings. I'm pulling from memory and trying to incorporate the industrial feel of what lies behind the curtain. Backstage is a world of electric silence. There is a hushed, blue world that few get to experience.

The Third groups of paintings are reflective of things that had major influences on my life. "Amsterdam" is a result of six wonderful days walking the canals and exploring the depths of the city. I painted it the week of my returned to the States. I experimented with this painting by first layering the canvas with four months of tissues I collected after removing my eye makeup. I carefully peeled the two ply tissues apart and then attached them to the canvas. I then painted over the tissues which further secured them to the canvas. The smudges can be clearly seen in the top left of the painting and resemble bats and birds.

The final group I'm working on is my experimentation with the Dirty Acrylic Pour technique. Most of my winter was spent mixing and pouring until I mastered the effect I was seeking. I have 40 paintings in the collection and I continue to use this process due to it's popularity.

The Photographs:

I actually have many, many photographic projects. The series featured is the "The Red Umbrella Series." To begin the project, I was fortunate enough to receive a grant from The Ohio State University to travel the United States and work on the images. I made it to Ohio, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Washington D. C., Virginia, West Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia and New York. The original series contained 26 photographs reflecting the character of the area. The images are made in such an environmentally safe way that little in nature was disturbed and I left no trace behind. I have continued the series and recently I added Ireland to list.